Passionate about helping customers reduce their roaming charges.

RoamingExpert was formed in 2012 to tackle the issue of expensive and inflexible roaming charges. Since then, we have worked with businesses of all types and sizes ranging from large multi-nationals to individual consultants.

On the face of it, we may appear to be just another mobile phone company – we’re not!

In 2014 we researched the yachting industry and, having established their requirements, have been supplying high volume roaming data sims since March 2015. 

We have highlighted the motorsport industry as one with similar requirements to the yachts. Not only is there a significant amount of international travel but there is also the need for large volumes of data. We aim to replicate our success in the yachting industry and provide our new customers with the same high level of service and support whilst also delivering a service that is cheaper than the networks direct can offer.

As our customer you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Daily Monitoring - Usage monitoring is carried out on our customers on a daily basis. Alerts are set at pre-determined levels (e.g. half of the bundle used). We will then contact you to see whether you require any extra data or if you would like a bar adding.
  • Flexible Billing Solutions - Invoices can be tailored to your requirements: multiple solutions on one invoice or individual invoices. Separate invoices can also be produced for teams / drivers if required.
  • Our Portal - Our online portal allows you to easily view your call data and invoices. Multiple level access permissions can be set so a race team can view the boxes they look after or a team manager can view their own usage.
  • Technical Assistance - Our technical support staff can provide assistance with the initial box configuration and can liaise directly with engineers, or external IT support staff to quickly diagnose and correct any technical issues.
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