External Additions

Additions to extend the quality of 3G/4G coverage and extend the WiFi network beyond the confines of the truck.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points.
£125.00 each

Details: Controlled wirelessly from the TaG WiFi Box, these enterprise grade access points can be placed within the pit lane garage, internally within the truck or in any other area where WiFi is needed. No wires are required to connect to the TaG WiFi, just plug into the wall anywhere in range. If necessary, they can be connected to the Box via ethernet in special circumstances and/or in challenging conditions or environments.

These access points are designed specifically for use in areas which are congested with WiFi networks.

RoamingExpert can remotely adopt, set up and manage the UniFi Access Points remotely We can even plan the deployment and placement of access points prior to arrival at a new track if we have rough dimensions of the area to be covered. These abilities are features of the Unifi Cloud Key which is included in all our boxes. If only local management is required, the TaG WiFi can be ordered without the Cloud functionality which will lower the initial cost.

High Gain 3G/LTE Omni Antennas.
£280.00 each
Details: These custom UK manufactured antennas allow 3G and 4G signal to be picked up from masts several miles away and are essential items for some trailer models and for use at racetracks in remote locations. In very congested environments, these aerials can get signal from masts which lower powered devices (such as iPhones) cannot reach.

6dB gain. Operating frequency 790-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz & 2500-2700MHz. VSWR available on request.

Shipped with magnetic mount and steel mounting plate (if required).

Suction Mounts. 
£40.00 each
Details: US manufactured, hardened suction mounts which are an alternative mounting method for the External LTE Antenna.

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