TaG WiFi

After research and discussions with our current customers, we found a big issue in the motorsport industry is expensive, patchy and slow WiFi at the race tracks. To combat this issue we have designed and built a custom made box (TaG WiFi) to provide connectivity at race tracks around the world.

RoamingExpert’s Truck and Garage WiFi systems use LTE networks around the world to provide good value connectivity solutions direct to where they are required in the paddock.

TaG WiFi can be used as a stand alone product to provide WiFi in trucks or garages, can be connected to existing networks to provide internet connectivity to your in house systems or can be used as a flexible base for running your entire network.

Need more range on your WiFi to cover larger garages and support areas? The TaG WiFi solution is easily extendable to cover large areas and can support up to 1,000 users.

Our WiFi boxes are custom manufactured and contain enterprise grade components from companies such as Peplink and Ubiquiti.

We offer 2 ownership models for our boxes to suit your usage needs and budget requirements:

TaG WiFi Complete
Our top fully inclusive model. No up front payment or capital expenditure. One fixed monthly price covers use of our TaG WiFi box, all your data and our Complete service package.
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TaG WiFi Basic
Our lowest cost ownership package. TaG WiFi Basic is for teams who are confident in their ability to manage the TaG WiFi network in house and do not require all the features of the TaG WiFi Complete package.
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We offer a range of accessories to compliment our TaG WiFi box. 
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