TagwiFi Basic

Our lowest cost ownership package. Tag WiFi Basic is for teams who are confident in their ability to manage the Tag WiFi network in house and do not require all the features of the Tag WiFi Complete package.

For an initial purchase cost of £1,495.00, RoamingExpert will set up the Tag WiFi box with a single WiFi network. Ubiquiti and InControl accounts will be created and training provided for one member of staff.

Data is charged in 5Gb increments at differing rates dependent on geographical location. Prices are:

UK - £12.50 per 5Gb
EU - £25.00 per 5Gb
World - £35.00 per 5Gb
Click here for coverage list.

Telephone support will be provided for sim issues. Hardware warranty issues will be handled through the manufacturers RMA process.

Service Package
If you opt to purchase our Tag WiFi box, but still require a service package, we can provide this for £250 per month.
Our service package offers all of the benefits from our complete package, but NO data is included.

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