TagWiFi Complete

£495.00 per month

Our top fully inclusive model. No up front payment or capital expenditure. One fixed monthly price covers use of our Tag WiFi box, all your data and our Complete service package.


Up to 100Gb per month of worldwide 3G and 4G data included (click here for coverage list). Allows you to fix your costs for future budget planning.

  • Guaranteed telephone support for race weekends. Contact one of our technicians easily and quickly if assistance is required.
  • Full remote hardware support. For teams on the Tag WiFi Complete package, RoamingExpert setup and host all the relevant accounts and remote support tools. Utilising the Ubiquiti UniFi enterprise wireless software engine and Peplink’s InControl2 cloud management and reporting solution, we can remotely setup, troubleshoot and configure many aspects of the LTE connection and WiFi network features. These include:
    1) Pro active monitoring and updates of all firmware to keep your network secure.
    2) Extend the range of your WiFi by adding extra access points to the network. Just power up the access point and RoamingExpert’s technicians will connect it to your network.
    3) WiFi networks and passwords created and changed remotely if the Tag WiFi box is online.
    4) RoamingExpert will hold backups of your configurations which can be restored should any issues occur.
    5) Bandwidth capping to ensure that team critical users have access to the bandwidth they require.
    6) Captive portals for monitoring of users or for email capture in hospitality areas.
    7) Create and configure multiple WiFi networks.
    8) Scan and change WiFi bands to get the best performance in congested RF environments. Enable or disable WiFi frequencies to make sure you are compliant with track rules.
  • Sim switching for UK tracks. Let us know where you’ll be and we’ll provide sims on the network with the best coverage in the area. We can provide sims on any major UK network.
  • Mid season box servicing and upgrades. Be sure you have the very latest hardware and software for no extra cost.
  • Managed warranty support. If any hardware requires warranty replacement, we will provide next day swap out services for equipment to make sure you are back up and running ASAP. RoamingExpert will then manage the RMA process.
  • Up to five remote training sessions for your staff.
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